Website Shutdown


Raymond Aros Notary’s website will soon be shut down. Since August 2014 Raymond Aros Notary has been serving title, escrow, banks other business and the general public with notary public and loan signing services. It’s been a great run for this business. All the effort from its founder Mr. Aros was all in for the general public.

It’s been a pleasure to serve and help those in need with notary public services. The decision to close and shutdown the website was because Mr. Aros wanted to expand the business and add additional services. To accomplish this, there was a big sacrifices and that sacrifice was this company.

On January 14, 2020 World Signing Group LLC was born. All the services that Raymond Aros Notary was providing is now at WSG. This was an extremely beautiful thing that Mr. Aros created. The addition services can be found at

Staring June 1, 2020 this website will not work and its domain and server will be down forever.  We thank you all for visiting the website and being a part of Raymond Aros Notary.

Thank you.