Authentications: Apostille or Certification

The California Secretary of State provides authentication of public official signatures on documents to be used outside the United States of America. The country of destination determines whether the authentication is an Apostille or Certification.

Apostilles and Certifications only certify to the authenticity of the signature of the official who signed the document, the capacity in which that official acted, and when appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears. The Apostille or Certification does not validate the contents of the document.

The California Secretary of State authenticates signatures only on documents issued in the State of California signed by a notary public or the following public officials and their deputies:

  • County Clerks or Recorders
  • Court Administrators of the Superior Court
  • Executive Clerks of the Superior Court
  • Officers whose authority is not limited to any particular county
  • Executive Officers of the Superior Court
  • Judges of the Superior Court
  • State Officials
  • Authentication requests can be submitted by mail to our Sacramento office. The processing time is typically six to eight business days from the date the request is received in the Sacramento office.
  • When submitting a request for authentication by mail, please include the following items:
    • The original notarized and/or certified document(s). A photocopy is not acceptable.
    • A cover letter stating the country in which the document will be used.

Our rate is $180.00

We accept Cash, Checks and Money orders also Credit Cards.

(Never send cash via mail)

Mail your documents to us:
Raymond Aros Notary
Att: Apostille and Certification Department
PO BOX 1811
Oxnard, CA 93032
Please send us a cover letter why you need these documents Apostille or Authenticated.
Please send us the originals via mail.