Apostille for Birth Certificate

It’s important you have the correct markings and signatures on the birth certificate in order to be certified by the state of Raymond Aros | Notary knows the details and the pitfalls of processing these documents.

Additionally, depending on the country of destination, the process of legalizing your document may entail securing authentication from the consulate. Some documents may require additional authentication from the US Department of State in Washington DC. Our Apostille services will manage all aspects of what is needed to ensure your document is properly legalized.

Check to See if your California Birth Certificate is Valid

The State of California has very specific process in the Certification of Birth Certificates for foreign use. Birth Certificates issued by any Hospital are not valid for an Apostille no matter where they were issued.

Please Carefully Examine Your Document to see if it’s Eligible Using this Three Step Check List:

Step 1. Is the Document of California Origin ?

  • Is your birth certificate issued by one of the 58 counties in California?
  • Is your birth certificate issued within the last 5 years?
    If Yes, your document may be acceptable. If No, call our office for possible options.

Step 2. Does my Document Have the Acceptable Signature to Be Legalized?

What is the Official’s title who signed your birth certificate?

On the birth certificate, located below the county official signature line, is the title of the “Official”, is the title either:

  • County Clerk/Recorder
  • Clerk/Recorder
  • Assessor/Recorder
  • Department of Health Services (DHS/CDHS)

If any of these 4 officials have signed your birth certificate, this document is acceptable be legalized for either Apostille or authentication.

If Not there’s one More Step that must be taken for your Birth Certificate to be eligible for an Apostille. Follow the instructions below

Step 3. Is the Country that I am Getting the Legalization for a Member of the Hague Convention?

To check, go here: www.dia.govt.nz/apostille

If Yes, this Document eligible for an “Apostille.” If Not, the document is considered an “Authentication” which will need additional processing time and cost.

How Does One Start the Process of Obtaining an Apostille or Authentication?

  1. Print and complete the Order Form
  2. For us to determine if your documents are properly prepared for processing, we will review at no cost.
  3. Send us all the original documents to us via USPS mail

For more information contact Raymond Aros| Notary