Notary Laws 2017


ATTENTION NOTARIES- New laws for 2017

CA Assembly Bill 2217

Assembly Bill 2217 raises the fees Notaries may charge for the first time since 1994.

CA Senate Bill 974

Senate Bill 974 requires Notaries to present ID when qualifying for their commissions in person at the county clerk’s office and allows them to communicate with the Secretary of State’s office by a means of delivery that provides a receipt, and not just by certified or registered mail.

CA Assembly Bill 2143

AB 2143 now allows a Notary to electronically notarize any electronic real property document that meets the requirements of Government Code Section 27201.

CA Senate Bill 997

Senate Bill 997 now allows a Notary to accept a tribal identification card from a federally-recognized tribal government.

CA Assembly Bill 2566

AB 2566 allows a Notary to accept a consular identification card and a foreign passport without further qualification.