Prepare for Notarization

How To Prepare For Your Notarization

In order to make your document signing process fast and efficient, please read the following guidelines:

1.DO NOT sign the document or documents ahead of time. The documents must be signed in the presence of the notary. If the documents to be signed are part of a loan package, it is best not even to open it until the notary arrives!

2.All signers must have proper photo identification to present to the Notary.

3.Notaries are not lawyers. The notary is strictly forbidden by law to give any advice regarding your documents.

Check List Of Things Needed For Notarization

1. The documents that need to be notarized;

2. Each signer’s picture identification documents, such as
•A driver’s license must be issued within the last 5 years by any USA state, Canada, or Mexico.
•A Passport, issued by the United States government or a foreign government with photo and a United States Visa attached;
• A USA Armed Forces ID.

3. Bring cash, a check or a money order to pay the notary fees.

Your Documents Must Be Complete

At the time of notarization, all documents to be notarized must contain no blanks or incomplete fields. The entire document must be completed, but not signed. Further, all document pages to be notarized must be available at the time the documents are to be signed. A notary public may not accept any acknowledgment or proof of any instrument that is incomplete.

Signer’s must personally appear and sign in the presence of the notary.

If you do not speak English, no worries I speak Spanish